The KEARNEY branch of the Family

1. Pauline Rosetta ELMES b. 21 Oct 1941, Clonmel Road, TEDDINGTON, (daughter of
Leslie ELMES and Rosetta Francis COX) occupation Student: Beauty Therapy, m. (1)
divorced D, Robin CLARK, and Martin Joseph KEARNEY, b. 3 Nov 1943, Galway,
occupation Publican. NOTES: KEARNEY nee CLARK nee ELMES. First four children
Changed name by deed poll

Children by Robin CLARK:

2. i  Graham John b. 1 Jul 1959.
3. ii  Gordon Shane b. 17 Sep 1960.
4. iii Lesley Ann b. 7 Apr 1962.
5. iv Raymond Charles b. 28 Dec 1964.
    v  Fionnuala Michelle KEARNEY b. 14 Dec 1967, Oxford, occupation Nursery Nurse NNEB, m. North Liegh, in 31st August 2002, Daryl JORDAN, b. 3 Nov 1966, occupation Landscape Gardener. NOTES: Turboteds Nursery
6. vi Michael Finbar b. 6 May 1970.

Second Generation

2. Graham John KEARNEY (1.Pauline1) b. 1 Jul 1959, Isleworth, Middlesex,
occupation Sports Manager, and Susan GARDNER, b. 5 Dec 1960, Oxford, m. 10
May 1980, in Oxford, Marion LOURDON, b. 25 Sep 1961, Oxford, occupation Shop
Assistant, and Sarah Ann ANDREWS, b. 31 May 1964, Reading, Berks, occupation
Fitness Instructor. Nee CLARK Sarah: NOTES: Step Aerobics

Children by Susan GARDNER:

7. i   Jason b. 8 Apr 1978.

Children by Marion LOURDON:

    ii  Emma Frances KEARNEY b. 11 Dec 1980, Oxford.
    iii Luke KEARNEY b. 18 Nov 1983, Oxford.

3. Gordon Shane KEARNEY (1.Pauline1) b. 17 Sep 1960, High Wycombe, and
Teresa ALLSWORTH, b. 21-Feb-60, Oxford, and Annette McCABE, b. 11 May
1959, Oxford, and Karen LuckyRose BOTLEY, b. 5 Nov 1968, Oxford, occupation Mother, and Sarah TOMPKINS, b. 13 Jan 1967, Oxford, occupation Mother. Nee Clark

Children by Teresa ALLSWORTH:

    i   Matthew ALLSWORTH b. 4 Jan 1980, Oxford.

Children by Annette McCABE:

    ii  Shane KEARNEY b. 26 Oct 1984, Oxford.

Children by Karen LuckyRose BOTLEY:

    iii Stevi Marie KEARNEY b. 29 Jun 1980, Glasgow, Scotland.

Children by Sarah TOMPKINS:

    iv Lois KEARNEY b. 2 Jul 1993, Oxford. v Jake KEARNEY b. 1998, Oxford.

4. Lesley Ann KEARNEY (1.Pauline1) b. 7 Apr 1962, Oxford, occupation
Mother\Secretary, and Clifford Mark DENT, b. 17 May 1962, Bow, occupation
Anthropology/Tourism. Dent nee Kearney nee Clark


    i   Oskar Lewis DENT b. 14 Aug 1987, Oxford.

    ii  Jasper Walter DENT b. 25 Mar 1990, Oxford.

5. Raymond Charles KEARNEY (1.Pauline1) b. 28 Dec 1964, Oxford, occupation 2nd
Chef-Baliol College, and Leila CHILDS, b. 15 May 1968, Oxford, occupation
Lab.Tech-OAH. Auth. nee Clark


    i   Ella KEARNEY b. 1999, Oxford.

    ii  Jay KEARNEY b. 2001, Oxford.

6. Michael Finbar KEARNEY (1.Pauline1) b. 6 May 1970, Oxford, occupation
Heat&Vent Eng,Fit & Weld, m. in Oxford, Josephine ?.


    i   Brendon Kearney b. 1999, Oxford.

Third Generation

7. Jason KEARNEY (2.Graham2, 1.Pauline1) b. 8 Apr 1978, Oxford, m. Lee Kearney (Nee).


    i   Nikky KEARNEY b. 2000, Oxford.


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