Historical Family Photographs

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Leslie Elmes, Don Clarke, Don Sandford, Roy Cox, Alfred Cox, Peter Cox
Harry Cox, Keith Cox, Don Scrivener, Alan Elmes, Ken Elmes
Ernie Woodhouse, Ivor Cox, Mervyn Cox,
Fred Hosking

Grandmother Alice Cox (nee Paice)
with 6 of her numerous grandchildren -
Peter John Cox, Neil Sandford, Susan Cox,
Karen Cox, Ann Sandford, Clive Cox
Sidney and Alice Cox and Family
* Sidney and Alice Cox and Family
(with some of their 15 children)

Paice Family - can you name any of them?
Harry, Rose, unknown brother and ??
* Harry Paice, Rose & brother, and ??
Cox / Paice - unknown
* do you recognise them?

Arthur Elmes
* Arthur D Elmes
Unknown Elmes - William E or Felix
* William or
Felix Elmes
Vernon H Elmes
* Vernon H Elmes
Leslie Elmes
Leslie Elmes
Rosetta Cox with firstborn
* Rosetta (Cox)
Elmes with
first born, Alan

Ken Elmes (very young, in tent)
* Ken Elmes
Ken Elmes
* Ken Elmes
Eileen Cox
* Eileen Cox
(9 months old)
Keith Cox (aged 2)
* Keith Cox
(aged 2)
Peter Cox (aged 2)
* Peter Cox
(2 yr 10 mnth)

Roy Cox
* Roy Cox
(aged 3)
Sidney Cox, gives away 5th daughter 1952
* Sidney Cox
gives away
5th daughter 1952

Arthur Elmes and family
* Arthur Elmes
and family
Katy Cox
* Katy Cox
* Eliott

Family VE celebration party with friends -
Ken Elmes is the boy on the right with his elbow on the back of the chair - 1945


The "Elmes" of Teddington taken in 1943, these photographs were well travelled in their frame in a "Gunners kit bag" over North Africa and through Italy during the second world war. Alan, Ken, Vernon and Pauline with mother Rosetta Cox.

Vernon and Pauline Elmes in fancy dress
* Vernon & Pauline Elmes in fancy dress
at the launch of Labours' Family VE clebration party
Young Teddington Cox'es
* Young Teddington Cox'es

Manoah Elmes
* Manoah Elmes
Martha (Bateman) Elmes
* Martha (Bateman) Elmes

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