Elmes (of Teddington) Family Connections

The 21st Century Elmes's can still be found in Teddington here we give a brief history of the beginning.

A search of the 1861 census of England reveals a MANOAH ELMES in High street, Old Headington. Born in 1818 his census status being that of a widower. Head of the family, born in Ashton Northamptonshire.

MANOAH had sons EDWARD ELMES born in 1846 in Northampton, Northamptonshire and younger son WILLIAM ELMES born 1853 in London; it is this line that we are more interested in. ALFRED MANOHA ELMES was born 1854 but did not appear in the census with the others. (He would have been about 6 years old, could he have been living with another family?)

MANOAH'S first wife, mother of the three boys, possibly died in London (further search of death records needed). It is possible that she died in childbirth as she mothered ALFRED in 1854 but was dead by the census of 1861. She may appear in the 1851 census for Northampton or London.

MANOAH'S second wife was MARTHA BATEMAN. Married 17th. September 1861 at Headington, St Andrew's Oxford. The 1851 census lists her as 40year old unmarried servant, born Headington.

MANOAH ELMES died at Headington Quarry Oxford buried 25th. September 1884. MARTHA ELMES died Headington Quarry, buried 31st. March 1887. They are buried in the same plot at the Methodist Chapel Headington

ALFRED MANOAH ELMES married CHARLOTTE COPPOCK 29th.April 1876 Headington Quarry, Holy Trinity, Oxford.

They had three children ADA S. ELMES born circa 1876/77. ELSIE C. ELMES born1880/81 and ALFRED J. ELMES 1883/84.

Casting our minds back to the top of the page, WILLIAM ELMES, who we now know was born London 1853, married ANGELINA Parrott They had a son EDWARD ELMES. (May have had more children further search needed)

EDWARD ELMES married CECILE ROSE GRANDJEAN. They had eight children in various places as EDWARD was seeking work after being invalided out of the Royal Navy as a Petty Officer. Their children were - WILLIAM, FELIX, MAY, Arthur, VERNON, ESME, FELICE and LESLIE. This brings us up to the 20th.century.

It was EDWARD who brought some of the family to Teddington after they were split up by various means and CECILE spending eight years in Harefield Sanatorium before dying in 1933. EDWARD'S last known address was 172, Stanley Road, Teddington in 1919.
Children Society records show Arthur, Vernon and Felix taken into care, the case being referred by the Chaplain of HMS Vernon, application forms being filled out in October 1915.
Leslie and Felice were living with their mother at Bloomsbury Terrace. Esme was residing with friends of her father, May was in service and oldest child William was a serving soldier at the age of 18.

Arthur was returned to live with his father in Teddington in April 1919. Little is known of the family from then on with both parents dogged with ill health. Vernon and Felix staying in care, Leslie going to live with foster parents in Princes Road Teddington and Arthur going to Australia on the Big Brother Movement run in conjunction with the British and Australian Governments.

No known further contact was made between Arthur, his descendants in Australia and the family in England until 2002 after persistent searching by Arthur's family on the Internet.


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