The Cox Family Name History

Family motto: Nil amplius oro. Translation: I pray for nothing

The English surname COX has a variety of origins. On the one hand, it could be derived from the Old English word 'cocc', which literally meant 'cock'. This name would have arisen as a nickname and it would have been applied to somebody, particularly a young lad, who strutted around like a cock. This became a common term for a pert boy and was primarily used scullions and apprentices. Alternatively, this name might be of patronymic origin, that is, it was based on the first name of the father. In this case, it is thought to be diminutive of Isaac, in its Hebrew form Jocobs, and hence denotes "son of Jacob". Thirdly, the name might be of local origin that is it was descriptive of the place where the original bearer once lived or held land. In this case, it is derived from the old English word 'coc' which meant "haycock, heap, hillcock". The original bearer in this instance would have hailed from a place of this description. Finally, the name might be derived from the Middle English word "cock" which meant a "small ships boat". In this case, the original bearer of this surname might have been a crewman on such a vessel. The fact that this surname has so many origins would account for the frequency with which this name is encountered in England.

Records of this surname date back to the thirteenth century. An example of this is Thomas le Cok mentioned in the Assize Rolls for Essex in 1285.

There have been many bearers of this name including-
Richard Cox 1650 - 1733. The Irish historian.
David Cox 1793 - 1859, the distinguished water colour artist.
Richard Cox 1499 - 1531, who was bishop of Ely
during the reign of Elizabeth 1st.

Blazon of Arms: - Of three bars azure, on a canto gules a lion's head erased.
Crest: - An Antelope's head erased proper, pierced through the neck with a spear.

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